JAYJEE is a luxury British waistcoat brand founded by Indian fashion designer, Jaysree Pawar.

Having studied textiles and fashion design at the University of Bangalore, Jaysree moved to Mumbai to work for the world renowned ethical fashion house ‘Fabindia’. She later spent several years learning her trade in the colourful Indian textile markets working in production and sourcing for Italian and British fashion brands.

Jaysree came to London in 2015 and JAYJEE was quickly born with the mission to inject spice and colour into the British gentlemen’s wardrobe!

All JAYJEE waistcoats are manufactured in London, England.



Ikat is a yarn dyeing technique, dating back to the 12th century. It is used mainly in four states of India, Telangana, Andra Pradesh, Gujurat and Orissa and is used to produce colourful fabrics for both garments and interiors.

The elaborate and multi-coloured ikat patterns are produced from a ‘resist’ dyeing process (commonly called tie and dye) used on the yarns prior to weaving the fabric. It is a repetitive and very labour-intensive process which can take several weeks and often involves an entire family.