Gentleman's Guide: Wedding Waistcoats

Whether you're the groom, groomsmen or a guest a waistcoat is always a good addition to any dress suit. The morning suit traditionally includes a black or dark navy morning coat, a light waistcoat and grey trousers and is worn with a cravat. But weddings can be stiff and overly formal, not properly representing the couple or guests' personality. 

The JAYJEE collection of Wedding Waistcoats, however, are far from boring. 

With six front linen colours to choose from (silver grey, pale blue, beige, pink, yellow, and sky blue) and eight bold ikat reverse prints, there's a combination for every modern man. 

Showcasing LEHAR and BAREEK below: 

02 copy.jpg










The Double breasted Sky Blue LEHAR

'Lehar': meaning waves, in Hindi, represents the wave like reverse design. Perfectly accompanied with the sky blue English linen. 

02_BACK Colour  copy.jpg
01 colour.jpg

The Double Breasted Pale Pink BAAREK

This waistcoat's name originated from 'Bareek' meaning very small in Hindi inspired the tiny repeating pattern on the reverse. Refined for the English gent, the colour of this waistcoat is a paler version of the original and first ever JAYJEE waistcoat, made for Jaysree's husband in 2012. 

01_BACK colour.jpg

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